Image Sun Tanning Franchise Opportunity
Franchise Opportunity
>Since opening our first tanning center in 1994, Image Sun® has continuously developed and refined our business model to meet current customer demands. Today we have what many consider as the LEAST COSTLY and MOST EFFICIENT tanning salon model in the industry. 

As far as we are concerned, life is too short for spending 5+ years building a successful business. We prefer to be successful in YEAR ONE! With two decades of tanning industry experience we've discovered that while “bigger is better” may be true in some aspects of life, it's certainly NOT true when it comes to tanning and Business Expenses. 

Image Sun® salons are extremely efficient. They are also incredibly EASY TO OPERATE. Our business model is ideal for small communities and suburbs. The fact is that our salons COST FAR LESS to BUILD and OPERATE than other tanning salon models.

The result... The unique Image Sun® positioning allows our salon owners to INVEST LESS, MAXIMIZE REVENUES and produce a FASTER and BETTER RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT!

We invite you to contact us today and learn more about our business model and find out if you and your community are good candidates for our truly unique business opportunity.

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